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Deferred Payment Scheme

Now you can get the loft storage space you want and pay in 3 easy interest free payments.
Totally interest free and you only need to spend £750 or more on loft storage or any loft services we provide to apply*

Already had a quote from us?
Deferred Payment Scheme is also available even if you've had a quote from us in the past.

Takes just two minutes to complete over the phone.





  AS EASY AS 1 2 3   

Total amount £855  
1st payment on completion of the work of £285
2nd payment 30 days after the installation date of £285
3rd payment 60 days after the installation date of £285

Total paid £855   Interest £0


*This is a deferred payment option over three months with no interest and no credit checks. You can pay off in full at any time and no deposit is required or fees to be paid.
The only stipulations are that the applicant must be a home owner and in full time employment, self employed or retirement pension income and have the means to pay the total amount within the 60 day period.


 It really is that simple....

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